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A community of peoples

Europe’s values and public justice in the EU

Sander Luitwieler

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Publicatiedatum: 1 maart 2018


Europe stands at a crossroads. Various crises have put the debate on the future direction of the European Union tothe forefront. Participants to this debate are inclined to take an extreme position: super-state or nation-state, Europhilia or Europhobia. In a Christian political view of the EU, we neither need to cling to the nation-state nor slide towards Eurocentralism. There is an alternative. This book offers a positive critical view of the EU. This view combines the importance of integration with the attachment to the cultural diversity between the member states. The point is to find the proper balance between unity and diversity. Let ‘united in diversity’ precisely be the official motto of the EU. This book calls European leaders to really act in accordance with this motto, so that
the EU may look forward to a flourishing and hopeful future.

Sander Luitwieler has a Ph.D. in European Union politics. In addition to several academic publications, he has written a number of reports for Sallux (formerly known as the Christian Political Foundation for Europe, CPFE). He is currently Director of the Foundation for Christian Philosophy and of the Lindeboom Institute (for medical ethics).


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